How to post on social media to gain popularity

In the 21st century, social media has contributed to the transformation of the online world. It has increased the number of internet users from a few millions to billions.
Believe me! Social media is a world of its own. Many users can’t live without it.
One of the fastest ways to become famous is by posting on the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.
Many people have become famous through social media like the American singing sensation, Justin Bieber who became popular on YouTube by posting videos of himself singing.
It is important you know that not all posts can make you popular; you need to post the right things and understand the various platforms.
Here are some essential tips to help you begin your journey.
Know your platform:
There are many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pintrest.
Each platform has distinct features and audience.
This is the largest social media website because it has over 1.15 million users who use this platform on their mobile phones and 1.86 billion monthly active users.
This platform has existed for over 10 years and almost 30% of those who use this site often are between the ages 25 to 34.
It has more female users.
Facebook is mostly used between 1-3pm on Wednesday.
How To Use Facebook To Gain Popularity.
You can post a picture, share a video or post an article on Facebook. If your friends find it inspiring and interesting, they can comment, share and react to your post and their own friends will see the posts too.

No man is an island so you have to interact with your friends, post new stuff and spark creative conversations. This will keep them eager to visit your page or profile everytime they log in.
You can also post a picture of yourself with a popular figure. This will generate more comments and reactions and you will get auto likes from InstaSwift.
You can edit your pictures and make them look appealing as this will help bring more visitors to your post.
Space your posts. If you flood your page with many posts, you might irritate your friends or even get unfriended.
Make your posts stand out. If you write news stories, make them creative so you can get noticed.
Another way to become famous is by creating a group and sending messages to your friends to join the group.
Find groups that you like, join them and contribute to the discussions. This way you will become popular and get more friend requests.
Twitter has more than 1.3 billion registered users and over 120 million people use it daily including the POTUS, Donald Trump.
29% of its users use it several times in a day and it’s swift in passing information, celebrity news and gossips.
The number of followers you have can help you gain popularity. This is because they can retweet what you say and help you gain popularity.
It has been proven that more than 80% of twitter users connect better with businesses or brands once they follow them on twitter.
Who to follow
Authority figures – They have many people following them. once you reply their tweet or retweet what they say, many people will notice you and follow you too.
Celebrities: Kim Kardashian West has over 50 million followers on Twitter. Following celebrities makes you find out what’s hot and you can tweet it for others to see.
Popular brands within your niche: These are the authority figures within your niche. Following and interacting with them can make you popular.
Your friends from your other social media sites: These are people will easily connect with you.
How to be twitter famous
The number of followers you have can help you gain popularity. This is because they can retweet what you say and help you gain popularity.

Your profile is everything. Make it catchy. The information on your profile should be humorous and informative because Twitter users love fun.
Twitter users also love controversy. If you can start a controversial rant on current affairs, you are bound to get noticed and followed. Use a hashtag for any controversial topic and find a way to make it light or funny.
Focus on your passion and let your posts reflect this.
Follow as many people as you can; this way more people can see you.
Don’t go all out to follow people without getting people to follow you back; doing this will make you appear as a spammer.
Try to keep your followers interested. You can come up with ideas for hashtags like #funfriday, #throwbackthursday, #shououtsunday.
120 business professionals join LinkedIn every minute and it helps them connect with other professionals in the industry.
You can post updates about a professional event, your skill, certification or an award you just received.
LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B marketing.
To be popular on LinkedIn, you must be able to network with other businesses
To network you must
Log in, click ‘contacts’ and click ‘add connections’. This will import your email contacts and suggest people you can connect with. Go through your business cards and search for those contacts on Linkedin.
If you have linked some of your social network accounts like Facebook, you can import your contacts from there. Your Facebook friends know who you are and it’s easier to connect with them.
Whenever you meet someone, add them to your LinkedIn contacts. Build relationships with your business partners or colleagues and add them to your contacts.
Creating Contents on Social Media
If you want to be popular on Social Media, you should come up with posts that will create traction and comments.
The average internet user has an attention span of 5 seconds. If you lose them in that time frame, they are gone forever.
You need to conduct proper research before posting an article. Once that is done, create a structure of your article and write from this structure.
Writing articles can be time consuming for the average person. If you find yourself lacking the words you could also hire a professional writer to do the work for you.
Make sure your article is easy to read: provide relevant information in a simple manner.
Bring your article alive by adding relevant images or videos.
Find a third party to help review your content before you post it, this will help you fine tune your content.
If your post is a video, make sure it’s not too long and it goes straight to the point. While editing the video, put a scroll bar that has all your social media addresses.
If you are posting a picture, make sure you have a good picture editor like Photoshop. Photoshop will help touch up your image and give it that professional look. An attractive image will help increase engagement.
Consistency Is Key
If you are posting on social media to gain popularity, understand that scheduling your posts can make or break your social media campaign
You can create as many as 12 posts in a day.
In conclusion, becoming famous on social media isn’t as hard as the gurus make it seem but that doesn’t mean you can skimp on the hard work.
It requires time, effort and consistency. Do not give up and your effort will pay off in no time.

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